Monster Mine

by monstermine

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released November 7, 2014

Music, Lyrics, Keyboards, Adufe and Vocals: Diogo Ferreira
Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Arrangements, Production, Mixing and Mastering: Diogo Sotto-Mayor
Back-Up Vocals: Pessoa Júnior, Carina Leitão, Liliana Duarte, Andreia Valente, Teresinha Taborda, Sérgio Taborda, Sérgio Panacadas, Catarina Almeida
Artwork: Cãoceito
Photography: Miguel Reis, João Quarenta



all rights reserved


monstermine Lisbon, Portugal

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Track Name: There's Still Life

Sometimes things get out of hand
Sometimes the afterlife is the best thought to have
Sometimes the dirt under the rug
Calls out sounds that you never heard

Believe in this believe in that
Sometimes this planet can get a little out of hand
When you want to rip someone’s throat
Remember that who you are inside prefers to love

Even in pain, there’s still life running through my veins

When you feel your opinions don’t have a voice
And the beat of another´s drum has always drowned your own
When you feel like kicking, killing, scream
Just find a cleaner fresher air for you to breathe

You’re not your father, you’re your own
Sometimes your biggest fear lies in your own home
Hurtful words can be tossed around
But there’s a brighter light in you that can be found

Even in pain, there’s still life running through my veins
Even in shame, there’s still life running through my veins
Even insane, there’s still life running through my veins
Track Name: Look Out

He can play it safe
He can say it’s alright
He can drag his blood around
Without self-esteem
Going in circles
Like something that’s been done before
Like something that’s been said before
He’s furious with me
He’s furious with her
He’s furious with the world
Cracking the same jokes
Never surprising
An ever-ending nothing

Look out
Look out, boy
Look out the window

He hates with a smile
He’s wrapped in barbed wire
He’s virtuous alright
No angel inside
Fading in spades
Like something that has yet to grow
Like a light that’ll never glow
He’s disappointed at me
He’s disappointed at her
He’s disappointed at the world
Beating the same drum
Never surprising
An ever-ending bore


You’re reaching
You’re reaching the line of fire
Track Name: Taste

Quiet fits of rage
Excuses all around
At each other’s throats
Thrusting evil eyes

And you and I could break each other
Or you and I could be holy water

The rope has burned the skin
Disillusioned former star
Serving poisoned darts
We might scratch the sky

And you and I could feel tied down
Or you and I could hold a new ground

Hungry for whatever treat
That can taste so sweet
Sometimes is hard for me to see
That you can taste so sweet
Sometimes is hard for me to see
That I can taste so sweet

Hey you looking at me
I’m much more than you can see
Hungry for the meat
That can taste so sweet
I can taste so sweet
I am gonna taste so sweet
I am gonna be so sweet
Track Name: Addressing The Land

You’ve been running
Dreaming of horses
Flaming trees
As wide as mountains
Hiding from the hand
That broke your back
Rest assured
Never more

The waves have crushed down
The mouth has spoken
Piercing courage
As fierce as nature
Life finds a way
You can smile again
Little bird
Little world

Shame has no place here
Shine your own light, dear

You have forgotten
The Goddess and her womb
Crystalline matter
Ignites the moon
Scream all you can
I feel your fear
Rest assured
Never more

The Earth has united
Remember the truth
Beyond excuses
The seas have parted
Addressing the land
Where are you going
Little bird
Little world

Hate has no place here
Bring all your love, dear
Track Name: Crystal Swan Lake

Observe starlight
Dear compass
There’s no other guide but you
Tear this aimless life
And join us at the hip
With certainty
Can you ever
See the sky?

One sided love
Dear clumsiness
What’s there to understand?
Wash your mouth
Before you talk to me
Would you ever
Feel starlight
Crystal Swan Lake

You said time and time again
Mind your posture
I forget to
Now it’s my turn to love you
Even if you don’t love me
There’s no other way
To leave

Photographs of memories
On windows and ceilings
I can’t see outside
I can’t breathe
Let me out!
Track Name: Dew Drops

Moody surroundings
Whispering voices
Lurking forces
I feel them watching

They´re in my tears
At the tip of my fingers
I could never reach them
And yet they keep calling

I hold mirrors of water
The ruling mistress of waves
I have no son or daughter
I’m seen between colors and shades

Can you hear me

I used to paint sunsets
With the light of autumn
They’re urging me onward
So that I step forward

The Mother of pure joy
Is a luminous laughter
Iridescent sparkle
Feeling and touching

I am Man and Woman
A sword of honor that has no name
Never been no son or daughter
But a yearning summoning flame

Can you hear me

You are a flame to me
You are magic to me
You are eternal to me
You are home to me
Track Name: The Calling Of Winter

The seasons pass
Who knows what will come
Which light will shine
We’ve been through so much
The rose has it’s thorns
Blood is life

The winter’s coming
The winter’s cold
The winter’s calling you home

The flowers will grow
Men and women will rejoice
Our feet will dance
Everywhere there’s change
Hold on tight to your soul
The fresh scent of life


Your whirlwind will never take me
Your false god will never judge me
Your rapist touch will never scar me
Your evil eye will never see me
Your mocking words will never frail me
Your smacking hand will never beat me
Your rotting teeth will never chew me
Your blasting guns will never hit me
Your patriarchy will never rule me
Your bigotry will never hurt me
These sharpened knives will never slay me
This swinging rope will never hang me
Your flaming torches will never burn me
Your silly grin will never fool me
Your screaming voice will never mute me
Your roaring tide will never drown me

The seasons pass
Who knows what will come
Which light will shine
We’ve been through so much
The rose has it’s thorns
Blood is life

Track Name: Show Yourself, Satan!

You like to kill with your head held high
Slashing your way through life
You piss in everything in sight
Why tell the truth when you can fake a lie

You take it off before sticking it in
Infecting your way through life
Burning hooves on everyone’s skin
Why plant a kiss when you can take a bite

Show yourself
Show yourself to me
Know yourself
Show yourself to me

Separating is what you’re hungry for
To conquer you must divide
All the thoughtless words that come out of your mouth
Seem more calculated each time

The hounds of hell that you feed will thrive
And will eat you alive
If you ever crawl out of your skin
I’ll shove you back inside

Know yourself
Know yourself
To be free
Track Name: Monster Mine

I’m barefoot in the woods
Running through trees
They’re coming after me
Non human
Non beast

Heavy pounding breath
As they come closer
Howling and barking
Not fearful
Not scared

I fought them with my bare hands

I see a house in the woods
And break in to hide
I didn’t know they lived there
Not secure
Not safe

They come through the windows
They come through the floor
I stand in front of them
Not moving
Not breathing

I fought with my bare hands

Monster mine, monster mine
You spilled my guts
Now I can’t hide
Monster mine, monster mine
You revealed my thoughts
Now I can’t lie

I fought them with my bare hands
Track Name: Work Hard For The Man

They all line up for the man
The man who twists and turns
As they watch in awe
They get their strength from the man
He holds the pistols
He holds their souls
He holds the women
And plants the seed
No one asks anything
No one ever breaks through
The self made God
The self made stud
And surrounds
And nobody does anything
No one ever shuts him down

They all work hard for the man
And he gives them words from the Good Book
Of times long gone
They get their knowledge from the man
He spits his words
Out of spite
As he falls down on his knees
And everybody praises the Lord
Everybody kisses his feet
He creates illusions
He creates disease
Twists and turns
Planting his seed
Writhing in ecstasy and speed

He wrapped them around his waist
Eagerly planting his seed
All insecure inside
But devout on the outside
All the pretty little things
All the pretty little signs
Look good in his proud walk
In his proud machine

They all line up for the man
Barefoot in the field
They’re all thirsty for his blood
They yearn to ascend
They all lean in
They all fall to the ground
For he is the chosen one
The spirit of God on earth
Between a lizard and a king
They all line up to his room
As he thrusts and pulls
As he twists and turns
And makes heavenly babies
In the bedroom
On the grass
In the woods
In the church
Behind the counter
Everybody raises their hands
Everybody feels complete
By the man
Track Name: She Had A King (Who Was A Queen)

In the garden
She took one good look at him
Loving him more than she ever did
His love for her was genuine and pure
And yet there were things she chose to endure
Oh oh she had a king
Oh oh who was a queen

For whatever it was worth
She held on to him
With an understanding beyond words
She held him with a strength so deep and pure
Knowing there were things she chose to endure
Oh oh she had a king
Oh oh who was a queen

She let him ride
Let him ride
Through the blazing night
Let him ride
Let him ride
Through his highest height
Track Name: Rowing

I’ve been rowing all my life
I’ve been searching all my life
For you, for you

I’ve been running from my life
From the meaning, the purpose of my life
It’s true, it’s true

I’ll be right out

The passing moments drift and go
Colossal blood flowing around my legs
I know, I know

You regard me with such disdain
In my mind’s eye you’re filled with pain
Let go, let go

I’ll be right out

Learning my place in the world
Relentlessly sailing in a stream of hope
Breathe in, breathe out

I’ve been feeling all my life
I’ve been healing all this time
Am I cured, Am I cured

I had a glimpse of my soul
I tried to grasp it with greed
My feeble hands knew no hold
What will I turn out to be
Sometimes I write with my blood
Fuck your opinions about me
Put your hands on my thighs
Remember there’s still beauty
Remember there’s still beauty